shear madness yyc

During the summer months we spend almost every Saturday morning at the Millarville Farmers Market. They are some of my most favourite mornings spent with Nate and Ella and our wonderful friend Paula. We bring the wagon along and pack it full of peaches, cucumbers for pickling, fruits, veggies, plants, baking, cheese and flowers. While there one Saturday, I had seen a fun crayon folio for little kids. It was a little pouch that one could put paper, crayons and something else small in the little pockets. I thought it would be great for travel, church, doctors offices, and restaurants.  I was hoping to pick one up, but the gal I had seen with them wasn’t planning on making them anymore. So I took matters into my own hands. I found the crayon folio pattern by gingercake and made one for Ella and her friend. Then all of a sudden I had about 12 made. They are so much fun to make in fact.

For a while now people made suggestions to open an etsy store and sell the things I had been making for Ella  With a small push from a friend I opened my etsy shop called Shear Madness yyc.

shear madness etsy

Currently, I have some of the crayon folios in the shop.  Soon I will ever adding capes (April 6 they were added), reversible aprons called “the Annie” and tool rolls (both later this month). These tool rolls can hold crochet hooks, paint brushes or pencil crayons/markers.  








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3 responses to “shear madness yyc

  1. How fun! I wish you well with your store. You have the perfect pattern tester at close hand :o)

  2. Bev Sproule

    Way to go Jen. Maybe i should open a store too! We should chat!

  3. Bev Sproule

    I found it! the link to your Etsy store)

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