Baby Quilts Galore

Though I haven’t quilted as much as I normally would like to in a year, I did manage to get some baby quilts ready for three new little lives that were entering our world. The patterns I picked out back in November when we first learned of their arrival and fabric was selected. My grand plan was to work on them a little at a time beginning on my Christmas break, then again during feb break and finishing them off during spring break. Well, things happened, and I lost my spunk to do them. I did pick away at them during Christmas break and here and there until February break came and I once again picked them up with more time that I could dedicate to them.

Around then I completed one called Arrow Feather.

27708026644_b65935bc50I loved the look of the quilt and tried to pick my fabrics close to the ones she featured in her pattern. I however found some of the instruction to be more geared towards more experienced quilters, though a confident beginner could handle it but may need to read the instructions a few more times to understand the direction she is going. In the middle of the project I wasn’t loving where it was going in. Was it the colours, the pattern, or the way it was taking shape, I just couldn’t put my finger on it. In fact, it was inches away from joining my incomplete pile or be repurposed for something else, but in the end I stuck with it and was pleased where it finished.  

During March it was my goal to complete the Preppy Pod quilt by Elizabeth Hartman as the baby it was going to was coming next. I had such a wonderful time making this one. I would love to make this one over and over again, especially the big version. It is a well put together pattern with clear instructions. And the cutting wasn’t unreasonable either – which really is my least fav part. What is wonderful about her patterns is that she provides size options for that quilt from baby to a large version. Anyways, I came close to the goal, but recovery got in my way a little bit. Luckily, it was completed before the baby was due – by a day or two, but still.

Then came the what was I thinking quilt, also known as Fancy Forest. I should have started this in December and picked away at it a little at a time rather than what I ended up doing. I didn’t actually begin it until after my surgery. I remember it like it was yesterday…cue dream like music… Nate was going out, it was the first time he had left me alone with Ella since surgery. The night, once she was in bed, would be spent cutting out the fabric. Obviously, I was still delusional thinking I could get it all cut out in one evening. It took me a few days in fact as it was very detailed cutting and I still would get tired and I couldn’t be on my feet long. Needless to say, I didn’t enjoy that at all. Once it was cut and in individual bags, I set out making each block – or animal in this case. I started with the foxes as I’ve made a ton of those for the fancy fox quilt. Smooth sailing, which lead to overconfidence. The hedgehog was the next step as I’ve made that one before as well. Perhaps you recall me mentioning overconfidence, well it reared its ugly head and it began to go down hill. I made a mistake or three and had to unpick, then noticed that I had made some cutting mistakes, yep more than one. Which lead to some re cuts and starting again. I basically tackled an animal per night. Some, like the owl, took two, especially when I had to fix so many cutting mistakes. I think I cut this quilt out twice. I am pleased with how it turned out, though I wish I had made some fabric changes. It is another great pattern by Elizabeth Hartman, but I think I will put a hold on making the big version for a while.



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