One Year

It is hard to believe that one year ago I was getting ready to drive to the Foothills Hospital for the surgery to remove the melanoma.

At this time, we were making the drive to the hospital, me dreading putting on the paper gown, dreading the whole day in fact.

A year later, I can look back and remember those details.  The lay out of the day, the feelings, the fear, the discomfort, the relief of the recovery room, the driving home, kindness of a meal left for us, and the quiet time with Nate.

Its been a struggle though this year.  There was an aftermath I wasn’t ready for.  Not that it was treatments or side affects, but the mental and emotional aftermath.  I couldn’t even begin to comprehend what that would be like. I didn’t think anything of it in fact.  I thought I would roll out of the hospital and it would all be ROSES.  As I said, I wasn’t ready for that not to happen and I wish I could say that I wasn’t still dealing with it. If we’ve learned anything from Elsa, I should just “Let it Go!” but sometimes that isn’t so easy.


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So I’m a work in progress there.  But I am pleased that the swelling has gone down considerably and it only happens once in a blue moon.  And finally, feeling has started to come back into that area – also a bonus.

I am glad I have such an amazing team of doctors who work with me.  They keep watch over me twice a year and listen to all and every concern.  So far everything is clean and I hope that it stays that way for a very very very long time.

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  1. So happy to hear that you’ve had clean follow-up appointments. I can’t even image the mental anguish you’ve gone through. You are in my prayers.

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