Are They Craft Worthy?

One of the reasons that I love quilting or knitting or crocheting is because you can personalize a gift for someone.  The colors, the patterns, the design, the function, and the sentiment, just to name a few of the options a crafter has.  Even though it is agonizing, I love sifting through patterns to find just the right design for a new born quilt for a dear friend and then picking a color palette that will be just right.  Time seems to stand still on those projects because everything has to be perfect and hold up well.  Mistakes that normally I might let slip if it stays with me, I correct as I would die if a recipient told me the quilt or other project didn’t hold up.

I’m sure we have all been so excited to present a crafted gift to someone to only have them not appreciate it, and all excitement and pride (the good kind) is sucked right out of you.  Now appreciate isn’t exactly the right word, but we’ve probably all encountered that giftee who has taken the gift, looked at it, forced a smile, uttered the words thank you, and put it off to the side.  Its not that I want them to marvel over the craftsmanship, investigate each stitch, or ohhh and ahhh at the color choice.  I simply hope that they would look at the item and know that it took many long hours, hours that I maybe should have been cleaning my house or cooking meals or sleeping.  With each hour I worked on the project I was thinking about them, and I hope they could see that.  I would hope that they may USE the item and it wouldn’t stay in the bottom of the purse where it went when they got it.  The hope would also be that it would stay with them and not be re-gifted to someone else, or thrown out.

Recently, I’ve taken QUITE A FEW knitting classes, don’t worry I am still quilting, and at the last two there has been a discussion about people being knit worthy.  We’ve all went around the room sharing times when gifts have been stuffed in purses without a care that those blasted cables took forever, or kept in a drawer, or asked if it could be redone in a different color, or given to the giftee’s best friend.  I started to really think of this, as I know there are people who are not quilt worthy.  The people, I’m sorry to say, would be gifted with something else rather than a quilt that took 30 hours.

I have a BFF who came back to work after a maternity leave and I wanted to make her a little something to welcome her back.  After much planning and thinking, a pineapple mini quilt was decided, after all, she loves pineapples and she complained that her classroom walls were bare.  The morning of her return I dropped it off, she opened it up, a big smile came across her face and she immediately put it on her wall by her desk.  SHE IS CRAFT WORTHY!

Once I made a gift for someone.  A lap quilt.  They opened it, I was so proud of it as it was an earlier work, and she faked a smile and put it aside.  A year later I saw that quilt at her friend’s place.  NOT CRAFT WORTHY!

Now, before I continue.  I will admit that at time ALL OF US are not craft worthy.  Well I know I have not been all the time.  Perhaps a great aunt made you an itchy scarf that you disliked wearing?  Or the sweater with a bunny and pompom as a tail when you were 14? But now I know what it took to make that, and the pride they would have had, and how they took time to make something JUST FOR ME.  My tune has changed.

Perhaps you are like me and have a little list in your head that you now go through of people who you may craft for.

For example – CRAFT WORTHY:

  • Have a past of using the crafted item been given to them
  • Supported your craft by asking about it or taking an interest in it
  • Have NOT said that your blog is dumb and why waste time on your hobbies
  • Will not give it away as a white elephant gift
  • Will take an interest in what would be given to them

How about you?  Do you have a CRAFT WORTHY list?



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2 responses to “Are They Craft Worthy?

  1. Jen I know exactly what you are saying. I’ve had this same discussion with some of my local quilting and knitting friends. It is so fulfilling to give a special gift to someone knowing that every detail was planned just for them. If that person receives it with joy then every moment spent on it was totally worth it! However, if that person barely manages a thank you and quickly puts it aside it just leaves you feeling kind of numb-like you’ve shared a really special part of yourself, but it wasn’t acknowledged or recognized.

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