36 List

36 List
Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday dear me, Happy Birthday to ME!

At the beginning of March was my 36th birthday. I don’t know if I am ready to be over the mid-thirties.

As my annual tradition, I create a list of things I want to accomplish that year.  Every year it grows one item bigger.  Which is why its taken me a little bit to get this post published – I’ve struggled with what to put on here.

  1. Finish my Swoon Quilt top
  2. Go to a movie in the theatre with Nate
  3. Go to a U pick
  4. Make a lemon tart
  5. Make sidewalk paint with Ella
  6. Toast Pumpkin seeds
  7. Have a Waffle party
  8. Have a candle lit dinner
  9. Knit a pair of socks
  10. Knit a pair of mittens
  11. Finish the gravity quilt top
  12. Knit a bolero
  13. Try a new drink at Starbucks
  14. Try something different at restaurant, not my usual choices
  15. Have a tea party with Ella
  16. Bake something new
  17. Keep my finger nails at a decent length
  18. Finish reading 5 books
  19. Go to Fiasco gelato shop
  20. Go bowling
  21. Have a shopping day with friends
  22. Make a new jam/jelly during canning season
  23. Make a pair of thrummed mittens
  24. Go to a CPO concert
  25. Finish a quilting UFO
  26. Take Ella to the Dinosaur museum
  27. Finish knitting the GIANT blanket
  28. Learn to knit a sweater
  29. Learn two chords and play them well on the ukulele
  30. Compliment someone every day
  31. Do something out of my comfort zone
  32. Take Ella for a bike ride picnic
  33. Throw a 4 year old birthday party
  34. Go walking every other day
  35. Learn a new song on the saxophone
  36. Get a quilt entered in the Out of Hand contest