I’m Jen.  I’m a school teacher by day and a sewist by night, and well any other time I can find to do it.  I bought myself a sewing machine and supplies in August  of 2009 and will be taking you through the journey of my perhaps misadventure of trying to learn to sew, the wonderful life I share with my husband, Nate, and puppy Molly, as well as on occasion my life as a teacher in their dream job.

My goodness, a lot has happened since I first wrote my “about” section back in 2009.  I still share my wonderful life with my husband Nate and our silly puppy Molly but in June of 2013 we welcomed our first child – our Ella.  I still teach school, and I still am a sewist, but now I have a fuller life with our Ella.

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  2. de

    Looking for pattern cracked pots Miss Rosies, for friend in Netherlands do you have one /and ship overseas? thanks for any info

  3. Hey, Jen….Hello! Thank you for becoming a “follower” of my little blog jottings! Blessings and hugs, Doreen

  4. Cari

    Hi Jen! It’s cute… my puppy is named Molly too!

    I was reading your quilt shop reviews for our shops in Calgary. I hope you can give me some advice? I’m looking to start a quilt come spring, I will be picking fabrics by color (rather than brand or style). Fat quarters would be handy? Possibly color sets… while I LOVE the idea of visiting every store, I think I’d be too tempted like a magpie and just start grabbing everything at every stop. I’d hate to end up at the last shop and realize I’ve vastly overpaid at the first shop because I wasn’t patient, and I also can’t afford to visit each store twice to compare prices etc.

    Is there a general recommendation of a store that organizes by color/shade, and has reasonable prices? Or are prices pretty regular around Calgary and I shouldn’t worry where I go?

    Thanks for any advice you can give to a magpie newbie. 😉


    • Jen

      Hi Cari,
      If you are looking for a store that organizes in color/shade I would recommend Sewing World South (136 71 Ave SE). They have the majority of their fabric sorted that way. They have shelves with fat quarters below the bolted fabric which is nice. They also have a fair price on them, with a deal that if you buy more the price will go down. They will also cut fat quarters for you (though they are having a sale on right now so they don’t always cut them during sale time).

      Prices do seem to be pretty similar around Calgary though about $4.50/fat with some places having select ones on sale.
      I’m finding it hard to find fat quarters pre cut right now. Traditional Pastimes has a few, My Sewing Room has some as well though they seem to be in pre made bundles. And Out of Hand has some too.

      But I think for what you are doing – hit Sewing World.

  5. Judy

    Hi Jen, I’m Judy! I have a question and would love to speak with you more. Please email me when you get a chance- thank you!

  6. Denise

    Hi! Regarding the quilt “The Hoots” you made – did you use buttons for the eyes as the instructions called for? I’m concerned about little buttons on something for baby, although I found some cute half-dome shanked buttons in the right size. I’m thinking I should just applique black fabric instead.

    • Jen

      I did not use buttons for my eyes at all because it was going to my daughter. For the quilt I actually used a PING fabric marker to do the eyes. I drew them on and then colored them in. Its been through the wash quite a few times and the eyes are still holding up. The other thing I did with a panel I made for one of the hoots was a satin stitched the eyes by hand and that too worked pretty good.

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