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Knitting: Revisit

About eleven years ago my Grandma showed me how to knit.  We went to the Walmart and picked up some knitting needles in the most common size and some yarn.  She taught me the basics of knitting, purling, casting on and off.  Grandma also taught me the continental style of knitting.  I had watched people knit and had noticed that the way I knit wasn’t the same as everyone.

I knit for a little while but my hands would ache.  I couldn’t figure it out.  My cast on was also a bit of a mess and my knitting became too tight that no needle would fit through the loops.  One day I found myself at a well known yarn/knitting store in town, which shall remain nameless, to see if they might be able to help.  The gal told me I was hopeless.  So I packed up my needles and donated all my yarn and needles to the knitting club at school.

My Grandma also taught me how to crochet – though I struggled with this as I was about 6 when she showed me.  Once I failed at knitting I thought I could try crochet again.  I found an easy project or two and watched a you tube video or two and was back at it.  Last year I decided to take a crochet class to learn any of the skills or tips that you learn at the very beginning that I either forgot or didn’t pick up on Youtube.  I took it from a great yarn store called STASH.  First let me say that it is an amazing store.  The yarn choices are incredible, they have lovely knitting needles and supplies, some super fun accessories and a staff that are wonderful.  Later a class called Granny Square Party called my name as a friend of mine said granny squares were super fun – they are, she was right.

While in the class my fun teacher, Marjorie, said I should try knitting.  I explained my situation and she said that was silly.  She told me I was a continental knitter – I hadn’t known the name until then.  Marjorie also showed me a couple of tips.  When class was over another wonderful staff member, Christine, helped me pick my first project and all I would need.



I worked on it while I was in the surgery preparation, waiting rooms, pre surgery and after recovery.  I loved how it turned out and can’t wait for colder weather to wear it.  It was the first time that my hands didn’t hurt.

It was finished, after a few set backs of course, and but I felt invigorated.  By the way, they really should put on post surgery instructions/pain prescriptions that people should not operate heavy machinery, drive, make important decisions or KNIT under the influence of anesthesia.

Since then I’ve tried, and am still working on, the Shadow Shawl and a fun summer shawl.




I also took a double pointed needle class and made this fun octopus.  Then Ella claimed it and I ended up making a family of them.


Needless to say, I’ve caught the knitting bug again.  Some people have mentioned that I should knit the English way.  I learned it to be well versed, but I will always knit continental – in honour of Grandma, it was one of the last crafty things she taught me.


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