Where has the TIME gone?

So its December.  You probably already know that.  For me, I’m still having trouble grasping that.  Its December. Where did September, October, and November go exactly?  It really does feel like yesterday that I was going to the introduction days for the start of the school year and now I sit here on December 13 and wonder how we got there.

It has been an incredibly busy 3 months.  Busy like I cannot remember in past years.  The school year has had its challenges.  We went through some changes this year, including a new mark book/attendance system, live grades, each student having their own computer to use, Google drive for assignments, then google classroom, new policies and a few more things here and there.  The learning curve has been steep to say the least and free time spent recuperating from the busyness.

Our Ella is 18 months now.  Which means she is walking/running all over and at least ONE EYE has to be kept on her at all times, otherwise you could have an entire egg cartoon dumped on the floor, “uhh ohhh.”  She is quite busy and down time with her is reading the same book over and over again – which isn’t a bad thing at all.

I have been working on some quilting projects, just seems I can’t show you them quite yet.  Most of them are for the guild I belong to and are for end of the year challenges that have to stay a SECRET.

I have been working on a couple of projects here and there that I seem to go back and forth between, just getting little bits done at a time.  This is a block from Elizabeth Hartman’s Fancy Fox.  I took a class on it this summer and have been slowly working on a fox here and there.  I’m using Kona Cottons, Liberty of London, and Essex Yarn Dyed Linen in Chambrey.  I’m loving how they are turning out.  Can’t wait to finish the skulk of foxes.

I really have missed writing on the blog and have started many posts, but have gotten taken away from them for one reason or another.  I hope to write more in the remainder of the year and into the new year as well.


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Baby B’s Quilt

Our close friends just welcomed their third child into their family.  To welcome them I made this little crib quilt as a just a little gift.  The quilt uses 2 charm packs, Road 15 by Sweetwater and Kona Cotton in Ash.  I took about 12 squares and cut them in half and then pieced rows together.  It was quite fun to come up with a pattern.

I used a solid black for the binding which I think popped the colors.  For the quilting I used the loopy stippling which was a lot of fun.  Unfortunately, the quilt was a couple of weeks late (alright almost 8 weeks), somehow life just wasn’t letting me get down to the sewing room.  But my friends were so gracious and understanding of the lateness.




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Shiny and Brite

Off and on this summer, mostly in the evenings when a floss stealer goes to bed, I’ve been hand stitching.  I was able to finish the block stitching of the Snowman A to Zzzzz.  But alas, I’ve run out of red floss to do the fly stitches down the seam.  So until I replace the color I am on hold.

In the mean time I started a new stitching project.  I saw the Shiny and Brite at Out of Hand, when Meg Hawkley was there showcasing the Crabapple Hill Quilts.  I loved how colorful it was and the colors where so bright.

It took a couple hours to trace and I had to use the big kitchen window as my light box just didn’t cut it for this project.  The coloring was a lot of fun too, though I still need to work on my shading and blending – but in my opinion it still looks good.

The stitching chart is different than any of the other Crapapple Hill Patterns.  It takes a little section of either the top, right, left or bottom and then using a bold line shows you which lines in that section are a certain color.  I do like working with one color and then move to another, but I often finish all of the color first then move to a new color.  But I’m trying it the pattern way right now.

In our LONG road trip to a wedding I was able to get about 20 hours of stitching in and got the top section done.

At this rate it will be another 60 hours to finish the stitching -yikes that seems like a super long time.  Well I’ll just keep plugging away at it.  I would love to get it finished by May.

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Trip Around the World

As I mentioned earlier I’m in the midst of organizing this upcoming years guild program.  I can’t tell you what it is yet – sorry its a surprise.

If you may remember last year we took a trip around the world in quilts.  We visited Hawaii, Japan, Amish Country, Ireland, England, and Africa.  The ladies shared the history of quilting and the techniques they used to create their quilts.  For our major challenge we created the Trip Around the World quilt.

I shared a demo in October on how to make the block using the tube method and sent the ladies on their way.  We had a great number of quilts entered into the challenge, some big and some tiny.  Look at all of them?  Isn’t it great.

In the end I made two. One was from the blocks I used in my demo.  I had the blocks complete, so I figured I should just keep going and finish it.

This was made using a jelly roll I found in Montana last summer.  I really like how this one turned out, especially after I put the “path” a little off centre.

This one is made in solids that I found at Jo-Ann’s in Montana last year.  There are 24 different colors in this.  I made this one using fat quarters.  I randomly pieced this together, starting with 2 strips, then adding another 2, then another 2.  Some of the individual blocks were UGLY and I was worried they would be awful, but it all worked out in the end.

It was a really fun challenge and a really fun quilt to make.  I have a third one cut – just have to find the time to put it together.  Maybe this year I will get it started.

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Oh Summer, where are you going?

Right now I am in the throws of getting ready for back to school. Oh the prep work for back to school!  Schedules, calendars, lesson/unit/long range plans, first classes, etc.   But along with that comes prepping the new guild schedule/program/brochure, finishing a commission quilt I am working on, back to school shopping, while still enjoying the last bit of summer that remains.


During Ella’s naps I try to spread my time between the projects.  A little school here, a little quilting here, a little housework there, and guild planning also….there.  And its not like I’ve been procrastinating and waiting till August to work on stuff.  I’ve been working on guild stuff and school stuff since the beginning of July, its just been in smaller chunks of time instead of a few full days and I’m done.

But with all that, Ella and I have had a great summer together.    We have gone biking most days or for walks, visited friends and were outside as much as we could be.  Ella and I just wrapped up swimming lessons at the pool which was a great time.  She loves the water and was happy to be in it – though it was rather cold so she was good after 30 minutes.  We visited the zoo quite a bit as well.  She is now becoming quite interactive with the animals – well as far as pointing and banging on the glass is interacting.  The spray park was another destination that we went to this summer and she had such fun, though she hasn’t quite realized that the slide is something you go down, not climb up.  Its been a rather warm summer for us, so we were thankful we splurged and got one of those little kiddie pools.  We play in it most afternoons.  To clarify, Ella plays and I get splashed.

Even though there seem to be much to do, and everyday I seem to find something new I have to do, it just doesn’t matter because we are going to enjoy this last week of summer.




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Let Me Introduce You To….

The Sowers of Jireh.  A friend of mine introduced me to the group a little while ago.  She brought in some of their amazing products and told the story of how they began and the work they are doing.

The Sowers of Jireh began October 2011 in San Vicente, El Salvador by a group of determined young Calgarians. It started with a dream of starting a sewing centre where women could come and learn a skill, or use one they already had. This in turn would help them support their families. Even more, it would give them hope, confidence and a chance at a better life.

Is Sowers a misprint? Nope. Just a play on words. Jesus tells a story about a sower in the Bible. As he sowed his seeds, some fell on rocks, some fell in the ditch, some among thorns and some in rich fertile soil. We, like the sower, are trying to plant and cultivate ideas, dreams and skills among some impoverished people in El Salvador so that they can grow and flourish.

They have some terrific products on their website like their quilts, bracelets, silk screen items and some fun coasters.  You can even design your own quilt.  They give you plenty of customization options with their products.  You can even design your own shirt to silk screen.

Please check them out.  They are making some great things and doing some amazing work.



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Brown Bag Challenge 2014

What a year the guild had this year.  One of the challenges we had this year was the Brown Bag challenge.  Each participant put 4 fat quarters into a brown bag.  Then each participant selected a different brown bag and their goal was to make a quilt out of those fat quarters and 1 meter of fabric that you added.

It has become one of my favorite challenges.  Probably because it is so challenging.  You have only a certain amount of fabric that you have to make something out of.  It is probably easier than I make it, but I always try to get the most BANG for my fabric buck.  I could make something on the smaller size and have lots of fabric left over, but I try to make a nice size wall hanging or table cover.

Thanks to the help of Canoe Ridge Creations  and her Fresh Mini Club.  This pattern is called Fireworks and it w as the pattern from July 2013.

This was the back.  I had to use every last inch of fabric I had left to complete it.  I had bits and pieces left.

I did some straight line quilting as well. That took a lot more time then I had thought, but I really liked the end result.

This is the one that I got.  Isn’t it wonderful.  My friend Donna made it, though I had no idea when I selected the brown bag in June.  That was the twist this year.  In June when you brought the finished quilt, you put it in a brown bag and on the table.  During our last guild meeting the participants then picked another bag and whatever quilt/quilted item was inside you got.

The one I got has a home on my coffee table and it is perfect.



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